Hi, On 1/20/11 I took my first abortion pill and two days later I took the rest of it. The fourth week my bleeding should slowly stop, when I start to bleed again and it was very heavy!! I called the office where told me that's my period. That was after 4th week. So, today is my 8th day of period. Few days ago it almost stopped, I had just brown spotting, but yesterday (like something happened) I had little red in it and now it's mix brown and red. I am soooo tired of all this, if I knew back then that this is so hard I would have surgical procedure so I would bleed day or two and that's it. This is just torturing!!! For real. I am so panicking, and every time when happens something new I am scared. Also two days ago me and hubby had unprotected sex, well he took it out way before anything happened, but when I think about being pregnant again,... I just start loosing my mind. (btw we had abortion, because we just got a baby) Is this all normal? Is somebody else stressed out?? How much blood have I lost in all this 5 weeks?? Thanks!