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Hi. My girlfriend, had a dilation and curettage done to abort her pregnancy of 7 weeks. For 2 days after this she had just spotting. Later, she started passing clots which were kind of large. A week later now, she has sharp pain in her abdomen (not continuous. Has peaks and relief phases), heavy-ish bleeding(soaking a maxi pad patchily in half hour). The clots are broken up when they are coming out so she can't judge the size. She was prescribed tranexamic acid 500mg + mefenamic acid 250mg tablets twice daily. In case of pain thrice daily. This place has a socially persecutive way of treating women. She does not want to visit other clinics. I suspect a uterine perforation/rupture (not through and through that is). I'm currently monitoring her for excessive bleeding. I'd like to know if I'm dealing with a uterine rupture/perforation. My gratitude if professionals can answer or people with experience with abortions/pregnancy/deliveries etc.


Hi Worried,

It's unlikely a uterine rupture, that occurs during childbirth.  But, it can certainly be a perforation.  They can heal on their own.

It could also be an infection.

Without an exam we can't tell. 

She does need medical attention from your description.  If bleeding continues heavily or she runs a fever or is feeling faint/lightheaded, seek emergency medical attention.

Good luck.