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Hello, I've been diagnosed with gastro paresis two years ago and I've been keeping the things under control, as well as they could be, at least. But what's started to happen over the last few months, and it might be completely unrelated are horrible muscle contortions and cramps I've been experiencing at least two-three times each weak. So far this has affected only my feet but to the point where it hurts so badly that it wakes me up and the pain becomes over-whelming. The cramp actually feels like its twisting my calf muscle completely. I’ve tried massaging it, ‘walking it off’… but the pain gets so bad that I can’t walk. I’ve started taking liquid magnesium supplement and since it’s been only few days I don’t see any change yet. My last electrolyte results were normal, so any advice on what to do until I get to my next GI appointment?


I can completely relate to your question because I've had this happen to me. I needed to increase my salt intake AND get a little more exercise. Muscle cramps can be the result of calcium, potassium and salt imbalances. And the most difficult balance to strike is between salt and potassium, because when one goes up, the other goes down. For myself, my diet consisted of no added salt, simply my mine habit, not because of high blood pressure, but I wasn't getting enough and I was also eating a banana a day. The result was my muscles didn't have the needed electrolytes. I also needed to get up and move around a little more during the day, so I put a pedal exerciser beneath my desk. If you have the type of job that keeps your sedentary, make certain you take a regular break every hour, even if it's just quick walk around the office, or doing a few deep knee bends at your desk. Good luck!