2 weeks ago i was awoken in bed by turning over to a sharp pain in my stomach. The pain was so bad that i could not get out of bed for 15 minutes as i could not bend as the pain was unbearable. I eventually managed to take some pain killers and after 30 minutes the pain was wearing off. I went to bed and in the morning felt a bit better but was still sore so i carried on with the tablets. As the week went on the pain started to disappear and i thought i was on the mend.
On Thursday night my friend told me a joke and as i laughed the pain returned and began to get worse as the minutes went by. I decided to go to the hospital, When i arrived i could not stand up properly because of the pain and could not sit down either. When i was seen i gave a urine sample and told to lay on the bed but the pain was so bad and painful that it was very hard to do. The doctor took my blood test and gave me an x-ray.
The x-ray came back with no problems and so did the urine but the blood came back with high white cells. I was told to take some pain killers as this will help the inflammatory.
It has been 5 days since the hospital and still i find the pain just under my bottom right rib and in the right of my stomach just under the waist.
I do not have any vomiting or fever and no blood in my urine but i find it hard to go to the toilet for a number 2 and took me 5 days to go.
I have also noticed that the right testicle is a little swollen than my left and has a dull pain.
Any ideas as i put it down to a stomach pulled muscle.