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Hello, i'm a 23 year old female. This is going to be a long post. I've already gone to the doctor and most likely will have to return, I just wanted to get some opinions or possibly answers from others who have experienced the same symptoms as me. 3 weeks ago I woke up from a nap around 10pm, I was sleeping on the living room carpet. Soon after i woke up my ribs were a little bit in pain, I figured out it was due to the floor being so hard. Few minutes later i started having pain in the center of my upper stomach, right between both ribs, my ribs were also hurting on the sides and onto the back. It became worse, I felt as if somebody had punched me and taken out all of my air. I went to the bathroom thinking I either had to poop or vomit but I didn't feel like either one was the cause. The pain became worser and i couldn't lay down nor sit up straight, my back, ribs and upper center of my stomach were in pain! It felt as if somebody was bending my back in half (backwards if you kind of get what im saying) ...I mean like if my body was in a C shape, my stomach being the outter part of the C. It was hard to breath I've never been pregnant but I kept breathing and pushing as if i was having contractions. I kept thinking it was some kind of muscle spasm from sleeping on the floor on my sides. My mom rubbed some blue alcohol (ISO-BLU) on my back and sides (it's supposed to be for muscle pain), I have to mention that it was the first time I used that alcohol. As my mom kept rubbing the alcohol, in just a few minutes the pain had already decreased. Maybe 20 minutes later I was back to normal. I didn't feel tender or anything, I felt fine again, so I blamed it on sleeping on the floor (on my sides) and thought it had just been muscle spasms. I went to sleep around 12 am and I woke up around 2:30 am, my chest felt congested, I was wheezing and coughing so i took some cough drops and rubbed some vics vaporub on my chest, couple minutes later I felt better already. But soon after that, I started feeling a little itchy on my sides and saw small hives, they were a little bit itchy, then i had 3 big ones on my stomach, some in my back, tiny ones in my breasts and the side of my left eyelid was a little swollen but it wasn't itchy, I probably had about 15 in total. I didn't get any anymore. I stood up real late thinking what could've happened to me, it couldn't had been food allergies, I don't have any food allergies, all i'm allergic to is just to dust and pollen. I didn't eat anything that night that I hadn't ate before. I kept thinking it had been muscle spasms and that the hives were do to the ISO-BLU ALCOHOL that my mom had rubbed on me. I went back to bed and when I woke up I didn't feel anything different or any discomfort anymore. So I didn't make a doctor's appointment. BUT, on Wednesday around 1 am as I was getting ready to go to sleep, I started getting a similar pain, little by little it became worse, but this time it was more in the front of the right side of my upper stomach, (like were the liver would be). 3 weeks ago the pain felt in the center. Neither my ribs or back hurt this time. The pain wasn't as unbearable as the one 3 weeks ago, it was still hard to breath but not as much, it felt better sitting down with my back straight, my stomach felt hard, bloated, still I didn't feel like I had to poop or vomit. I went to get the ISO-BLUE alcohol again, rubbed some on my stomach since that helped me last time. It didn't seem to help this time though, maybe because I didnt use as much as when my mom did it for me. About an hour later it was already going away so I went to sleep. I woke up around 6 am because I was getting that pain again, I had a little bit of wheezing and cough AGAIN, not as much as 3 weeks ago though, this time I felt that I had to force my self to vomit, I tried but not much came out, then i felt like i had to poop but i was constipated so I didn't do much, (no loose stools or anything). When I got out of the bathroom I kind of felt better, the pain didn't get worse and it was already going away. I was going back to sleep and felt a bit itchy, and there it was! a little hive again on the side of my left breast, then I had another one on my back, one on my leg, one on each side of my stomach, maybe about 8 in total, all were small and pale not so itchy, I thought again it might have been the ISO-BLU alcohol. I went back to sleep and woke up around 10 am I wasn't in pain just a little tender on that side but my eyelids felt reaaally heavy! As if I had cried all day, I went to the bathroom and freaked out when I saw my upper eyelids swollen! My left eye was the worse! My right one wasnt that really swollen, hardly noticeable. They didn't hurt or itch, they werent red either just swollen. If you go back and read, I mention that my left eye was also a little swollen the first time I got the pain 3 weeks ago. I was already more worried and scared when I read about possible gallbladder or liver problems so I had to make an appointment for later on that same day. I saw a doctor and explained everything all the symptoms in both times, and since I told her about the hives she said it could had been an allergic reaction. She didn't seem concerned at all, she said it could also had been an intestinal spasm, and the hives were probably from the ISO-BLUE alcohol I rubbed on. I mentioned to her that i suffer from constipation and so she said I should just eat activia yogurts and drink more water. I told her about my fears of it being a gallbladder problem and she said since I didn't experience any vomit she didn't think it could be that... I told her if there were any blood test I could have done just to make sure it wasn't my gallbladder but again she said she didn't think it was necessary!! She said unless the pain returned then to come back and I would have an ultrasound done. All night on Wednesday my stomach was tender just a little bit but now it was in the upper center of my stomach, kind of the way it feels when you don't eat for a long time. I drank a cup of chamomile tea and the tenderness went away. I went to sleep and yesterday I woke up fine, no pain, no tenderness, no swollen eyelids or hives. But when I went to pee first thing in the morning, my urine was bright orange :( that really scared me! It didn't look like blood, it didn't smell different, and I felt no pain when I peed. I was scared to pee again and see bright orange urine, but my urine was back to normal color for the rest of the day, I only peed two more times during the day. I will be making another appointment with a different doctor to have some blood work done or any tests i'm recommended to have. Unfortunately I don't have healthy eating habits, I've struggled with eating disorders, I don't think i fit in the anorexic or bulimic profile because I only starve sometimes, and overeat when I feel anxious, scared or worried but I don't force myself to vomit (I did it long time ago but not for a long period, I couldn't do it anymore, I knew it was the worst way). This year though, I did a big mistake, I went on the popular "Master Cleanse Diet" on May for 20 days, I lost about 25 pounds so fast, I never gained that weight back as it normally happens with "crash diets". I didn't want to keep going for 40 days though as I first planned. After that, I started eating again but not healthy. I have very bad eating habbits, most of the time I only eat one big meal a day, I don't eat much junk food but my diet is very poor, I eat A LOT of spicy food and lemon! sometimes I eat very late at night, I hardly drink clear water, it's mostly juices or koolaid. Maybe thats the reason to my constant contipation. These last months I've been overeating a lot, I've been anxious and stressed. I'm aware of my stupity of not eating healthy and the harm I could be doing to my body. But now I am really scared and regret eating bad and not taking good care of my body :'( I don't want to have to go through surgery, I don't want it to be something serious :'(. I read that after a gallbladder removal even though doctors say it isn't an important organ, people have health issues after the removal, one of them also being weight gain! :'( all my life I've suffer from low self steem and not wanting to be fat, and I wouldn't be able to handle gaining weight like crazy all the rest of my life. I'm seriously scared, I hope somebody in here has or had the same symptoms as me and it's able to tell me what were the causes or if you want to give me your opinions of what my problem could be. Thanks for reading my long post, I just wanted to be as detailed as possible and I hope i was. I really hope I'm able to have another chance to take care of my health and eating healthy. Does this sound like a gallbladder problem??


when you slept on the floor you bruised your ribs... they can take 7 to 14 days to heal, i'm sure the reason for more than one area hurting would be the muscles are so small and so near one another. I would not suggest using that rubbing alcohol again, hives are usually caused by allergies, as for the nausea , i assume that was also caused by the rubbing alcohol. Um , for nausea caused by eating chew your food better, I know it doesn't seem related but chewing your food better will help your metabolism ( how quick the food is broken down or absorbed ) i think that's what metabolism means . this is probably why the nurse suggested yogurt .. because it is easily digested. Okay I reread your first ten sentences or so again.. the pain in the upper stomach and increased breathing was due to your heart. when I injured my ribs once my heart  was acting up and my breathing was definitely irregular. I sleep on my side too, and found my shoulder sore, let me say that your side is not flat like your back, sleeping on the floor on your side sounds painful. I don't know if muscles are spasming or if its an exaggeration of your pain. either or .. its the pain of healing tissue or a painfully bad time to have a spasm.. i think if it were a spasm you would have described it as excruciating pain.  orange urine... im not sure but that probably means stop drinking kool-aid, and im sure that tea didnt do you any good. when you forced yourself to vomit.. the nausea i assume was caused by dehydration. I switch my mind, the orange urine was a sign that your healing. simply put your body was fit enough to pee out the alcohol which seems to be most bothering you.. maybe too much was applied? or simply the product dehydrates you? I had some advil when i hurt my ribs and it seemed to make the pain go away without any side effects. eating... lemons and spicy food is bad for you. you know this but try to stops eating these first and dont eat such big meals... try to buy smaller portions of certain foods at the grocery.  if you want to make sure your intestines and stomach feel good, don't eat a meal before you sleep, a snack is the only thing i allow you to eat near bed time.