The National Obesity Forum in UK reports that 80% of people questioned are unaware that obesity is directly connected with diabetes and the risk of heart disease.

There is an easy way to understand who is at risk, simple by measuring waist size. However, many obese people do not even measure their waists.
Those women who have a waist circumference of more than 88 cm (35 inches) and men 102 cm (40 inches) are at the highest risk of cardiovascular and metabolic disease. There is an increased risk of the diseases for women with waist measurements of more than 80cm and men whose waists are over 94cm.
Statistics appoint to the fact that by the end of the next decade a third of British adults will have worrisome waists size and that this represents a public health time bomb.
Ministers should be encouraged to take actions by pushing abdominal obesity higher up the healthcare agenda and to inform the public about the health risks.