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I would like to tell you and announce all who suffer from the Psoriasis disease (Psoriasis with slight to moderate scaling, Eczema or Seborrhea conditions) that I found a solution to this problem.
I purchased a preparation named Sulfur Salicylic Regular Ointment from the AAA Investment – Dead Sea Cosmetic Company (this preparation contains natural substances and Dead Sea minerals). I was quite uncertain about this preparation since I suffer from the Psoriasis disease for many years and I tried many preparations that did not help me at all.
As I mentioned, I spread this preparation according to the instructions described in their site, and I was surprised to feel relief after one week only and my skin color became lighter. I continued of course with the treatment and got excellent results.
I would like to point out that the company explains that this preparation does not solve the problem completely, but the result is definitely good and it provides great relief.

Eldridge jonathan.

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