ok so hey irlly need ur help im a15 year old girl i jsut got over being the hospital for well they said after the one xray and catscan uhma bit of lower are infectiona nd an ovary sist and so uhh sothb bout lymphnodes and 5 out of 10 showed i had 5 signs of appendcits and i PRAY OT GDO ITS GOne but now i ca barely feel the pain though now wel about three daysa go o was siting ther after weating sum dinner and sudeenly i felt this rush of heart burn and it got worse eventually i had a hard time eating ne kind fo dfood without the pain ofheartburn so now...three days later its not as ba in a way but now my throat is indeed sore though my chest sort of my lung area rlly pains and like its har to breath it feel s like thers tila bit of heartburn its as if wen i either drink or eat nehting! lke the food or liquid goes diwn my thoratt jsut fne but htenn it goes slitely near my chest area rite bettwen my breats cleage or w.e then like its like it feels oieka big bump or sowllen area wen the food hits ther i kind of lean over wit he pain it hurts! so ya uhm i RLLY FRKEEN NEED HELP PLEASE! and inow its tot he poitn wher eihavtn eatin in almsot two days and i have to suffer this apin i mean i wa alos on a bit of antibiotics b4 wellr cently for my apenicits or w.e they were a blue pill.but yes uhm i rlly need to know wut this is and im RPRAYing its not liek enthing i looked up and found usm simoialr symptoms to tontie lie bronchitus or emphazema or a lung infeciton or chest infecotin or lung canceR:|:-( cries* i pray! but yes i rlly nee dyour help! so pleaseeeeeeeeeeee can u help me figure this out if ui have to go to the doctors ide rly liek to know this b4 gmaking an appt and or goin ina wlakin clinic which means i have to drivebakc hjome to get my id card...lol ok so help me!?!..thanks i rlly do appreciate it. sincerely: heidi. Please rite back ASAP! and also wen i lay down my pain gets worse as if my lungs or w.e feel liek the pressure is worse and like ya my hroat sureness isnt eventthbad but oh man and my upper bakc is a bit sore and my chest muclse so yes i need help ASAP! o.O %-) :-( :-( thanksss. 8-| >:( %-) :-( :-(