Since Feb, I now get pain in my lungs. Not chest pain. But in my bronchial tubes. I went to the Doctor they did tests and said it's asthma which I already knew that I get allergy induced asthma but later in the spring. I have never had it pain in my lungs before.

I found dust in my home heating system and I had been working from home for months now. I noticed that whenever I turned it on I would start wheezing so we changed the filter and my lungs still hurt. It has not gone away.

I had my office redone also. They found mold in the roof and that was cleaned up and repainted. In fact the pain started when I was exposed to an office in my complex that had been locked up for a few months that had some rain damage. I am in the belief that my lungs were already infected with something though.

After that initial pain my urine smelled funny for 2 days and the pain in the lungs set in. I have done blood tests, breething tests. The got inhalers but nothing is healing me.

I am wondering if there could be mold infection in my home in the roof somewhere??? Maybe long term exposure. It is so bad that I cannot even walk into Home Depo anymore without suffering a lung attack.

Is this happening to anyone out there. I've even looked into the chem-trail thing going on in our sky's as a possible source.

I am a fitness trainer and this has become a big downer for me. I need help real bad!!!

Just a clue as to what could be the problem and what to do about it. I am even thinking of breaking up with my Girlfriend to get away from her home. She won't leave it as to the why.