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Me and my boyfriend just recently started having sex. i was was a virgin and he wasn't. he is allergic to something in condoms so he doesn't wear them. and i am not on birth control. and i am only 15 so i am to scared to ask my mom for birth control. so my first question is how do i protect myself?

and every time we have sex he gets all into it and starts going fast and its uncomfortable for me. and it feels good i guess but every time my body tells me to stop so i end up stopping and that bothers my boyfriend. and my question is why cant my body handle sex?


Honestly, your very young,I'm 26 and sometimes it's way too much for me, so I can imagine being your age, I was in my 20's when I became intimate for the first time.First I really think you should start using some form of birth control, you don't want to be pregnant at such a young age, and beside there are so many std's around you shouldn't put yourself at risk, and I know you are most likely with one person but sometimes the reality is you may not end up with that one person forever...just be careful and talk to your mom,since your under 18 you have to have a parent or guardian to get birth control,and really try to be smart ok, sometimes guys want it they're way but before this guy is with you again be firm he has to use something...good luck :-D