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I'm a 20 year old female. I have been with my boyfriend for just over a year now. For the first months, we always used condoms and everything was fine. I got a really bad yeast infection and it hurt to use condoms and now ever since then condoms just hurt and burn during sex. He will put one on in the beginning and then he ends up taking it off half way through because it hurts me.

I know it's not a lubrication problem because we use a lot of lube every single time. With our without a condom.

I've read that it could be a latex allergy? But why would that suddenly start? I've never had a problem with latex before!

Even though I'm on the pill, I want to use condoms just to be extra careful.

Any ideas?


Hi K,

It could very well be a latex allergy.  Try using non-latex condoms.

That's how allergies work.  You were exposed to an allergen and your body built up antibodies.  Now, when you are exposed the antibodies over react and you can have symptoms.

LOTS of people have latex allergies.  It could also be something ON the condom, maybe a lube or spermicidal gel.

Hope it helps.