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Hello my girlfriend and I attempted to have sex two days ago. After our latest attempt she was experiencing minor irritation such as itching but its not severe. We tried before but the difference is I was closer to breaking the hymen. So I was just wondering if this irritation was from the latex condom because she has a sensitive vagina. Thank you :-)


it could be friction from a lack of lubrication. this would also explain why penetration may be difficult. this can be quite painful for a girl and presents a high risk of the condom breaking from too much friction against it!!!

You can buy lubricants from most supermarkets and pharmacies these days.

Do not use oil based lubricants. Use water based ones. Oil based ones weaken the latex.

You can also buy non latex condoms from pharmacies if you ask for them.

Do NOT have unprotected sex! also, I would advise that if you two want to start having sex you start considering going on the pill!



You may be on to something...many people are very sensitive to latex based products such as condoms. However, there is hope for you in this area. There are many different companies that offer condoms and other protection that are not made of latex. Try this and see how things go :-)

If you were using a personal lube that may have been an issue as well. Look for a personal lube that is Paraben free, Petroleum free as well as Propylene Glycol free. Being pH balanced is great also!

I hope this helps you...please let us all know :-)

Best of luck!