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Hello, im 16 years old and me and my girlfriend of 2 years have decided were ready for sex.

Immedietly, i looked into have proper safe sex. I found that using a condom is different for uncercumsized males. Most of the websites i looked on just said "if uncercumsized roll back foreskin".

With an erection i find that its too hard to pull the forskin all the way down.
without an erection i can manage to get it rolled back so that the head of my penis is exposed.

but,the head of my penis seems to be unbelevably sensitive.

Also, it says to apply condom to an errect penis.

Im in great need of a explination/advice to help me with this stage of my life.


First thing first: the dreaded condom! It is common to have reservations when using a condom for the first time. I know when I first used a condom I asked ‘what condom should I use, how do I put a condom on my boyfriend and is flavoured effective?!’. Although many people mistakenly assume that all men know how to correctly use condoms, incorrect use is common and is a major cause of condom failure.

Remember: Do not use grease, oils, lotions, or petroleum jelly (Vaseline) to make the condom slippery. These substances can make the condom break. Use only jelly or cream that does not have oil in it. Use a new condom each time you have sex. Only use a condom once. Store condoms in a cool, dry place. Do not use a condom that may be old or damaged. Do not use a condom if: The package is broken. The condom is brittle or dried out. The colour is uneven or has changed. The condom is unusually sticky. So how do I put a male condom on?!

Before sex:

1. Carefully open the package so the condom does not tear. (Do not use teeth or a sharp object to open the package.) Do not unroll the condom before putting it on.

2 .If you are not circumcised, pull back the foreskin. Put the condom on the end of the hard penis. Note: If the condom is initially placed on the penis backwards, do not turn it around. Throw it away and start with a new one.

3. Pinching the tip of the condom to squeeze out air, roll on the condom until it reaches the base of the penis.

4. Check to make sure there is space at the tip and that the condom is not broken. With the condom on, insert the penis for intercourse.

After sex:

5. After ejaculation hold onto the condom at the base of the penis. Keeping the condom on, pull the penis out before it gets soft.

6. Slide the condom off without spilling the semen inside. Tie and Dispose of the used condom appropriately

This said, it is important to know when to use what method of contraception to use when participating in different sexual acts:

Penis-in-vagina intercourse: Condom and lubricant Anal Intercourse: Condom and lubricant (ALWAYS use a new condom if switching between vaginal and anal intercourse) Fellatio (“giving head" or "blow job"): Flavoured condom or unlubricated condom with flavoured lube (latex by itself can taste kind of yucky). Latex gloves if combined with manual sex. REMEMBER: Flavoured condoms should only be used in fellatio; stronger condoms should be used when having intercourse. Cunnilingus ("going down" or "eating out"): Dental dam or saran wrap barrier, lubricant. Analingus (or "rimming"): Dental dam or saran wrap barrier Manual sex ("fingering", or "hand job"): Latex gloves, lubricant Note: Lubricant means latex-safe, water-based (or sometimes silicone) lube expressly MADE FOR SEXUAL ACTIVITY and use with condoms and other barriers. The following are NOT safe to be used as lubricants for safe sex: spermicidal jelly or suppositories, Vaseline, baby oil, massage oils, vegetable oil, butter, body lotions or crèmes, or saliva. While those agents can be fine for masturbation or mutual masturbation when NOT using latex, they will either destroy or dissolve the latex or they will simply make it more likely for the latex to erode or tear during use. A broken condom doesn’t do anyone any good.

Remember too that safer sex tools only work if you use them every single time from start to finish. A condom used after ten minutes of intercourse or close contact, or a dam used only halfway into cunnilingus is missing the boat completely! So, how do you introduce these things without feeling like a Sex Cop or a party pooper? Bear these simple principles in mind.



how was that?
did that help any? I am happy to see you thinking about safe sex, it goes to show safe sex really is sexy!!!!
love kee


Yeah, it did help but also im having trouble fully rolling my foreskin to expose all the head of my penis. i can uncover most of it but not all the when when i have an erection. wihtout a erection i can get it all the way. BUT the condom says apply with a erection. what about that?


Im in the same boat here,
I can pull the foreskin back when its not erect without a worry,
but when i try when it is hard i can only get it about halfway down.

Can anyone help?


same here it hurts


Since your both virgins by the sound of things, I'd suggest she gently use her tongue to push it back with a blowjob. The saliva will help act as a sorta lube and a tongue can be more gentle than your fingers. No matter what though, it'll hurt a little the first few times till you get used to it.


You guys have a mild case of phimosis just go talk to your doctor and he will suggest a solution (DO NOT GO WITH CIRCUMCISION!!)  I am dealing with the same issue right now usually they prescribe a steroid cream and stretching exercises dont feel alone guys this happens a lot and its because are parents didn't emphasize on how important pulling the skin back is in your teens mostly because are parents generation were mostly circumcised and didnt know about these issues. One love- Travis