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Hi there, I am experiencing sharp pain on my right side, near the pelvis area, its more like a stitch, it comes and go, usually when i get up or laugh or if I walk the stitch would occur, when I'm on my period I have severe pain on my lower back to a point where I'd pass out, my legs usually hurts too and I also have bad headaches.

It would be great If someone would get back to me, I really don't know what it is that I have.

btw I am 18.


Hi Tana! This sounds like you are ovulating - a lot of times women feel more pain from the side that is ovulating compared to the other! So I have a feeling you will feel this way every other month! From the sounds of it you have a lot of period pain, and when you are on your period, your pelvis become engorged with blood and this can give the feeling of pain in your lower extremeties! IF the pain can not be handled by Midol or Pamprin, I would like you to see either your doctor or your gynecologist for them to put you on some painkillers! Also it wouldn't hurt having a transvaginal ultrasound - to make sure you don't have anything else going on eg. cyst on ovary etc. - which I don't think so due to your age.! I always say that this is the reason why I know God IS a man - MENstruation, MENopause! LOL! BTW I suffered my WHOLE life with severe pain, and they do have many things that can help you - even accupuncture helped me as well!