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The pain is not in my stomach, pelvis or my back. It is in my side. Very sharp pain.


Do you have other symptoms as well? Pain on the sides is usually a symptom of a kidney problem. If you have some additional urinary symptoms or if you have developed fever, then it is likely that you have some kind of kidney troubles.

Very sharp pain is often a symptom of a kidney stone. They are hard masses that form from crystals that got separated from urine and formed on the kidney inner surface. When they start leaving the kidneys on their way to the urethra, they can cause devastating throbbing pains especially if they are big. If they are big, they may stuck somewhere on the way as well. Sometimes the pain can be felt in the groins as well.

I would suggest you saw a GP and tell him/her all about your symptoms, so you would get a referral to an urologist.

There are other possible causes of side pain like muscle spasms, spinal disc problems, etc