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For 3 days I have been having sharp pain in the lower abdomen (the triangle part with hair to be exact). It lasts s fue seconds than goes. It usually happens in the afternoon I also get it at work when holding shildren on my side occassionally.

I havent had ths pain before, i did however just over a month ago, have a pain on my right side right on my hip bone and had an ultra sound to see if it was a cyst and my results were clear. So, i dont have a cyst.

I am also 15 days late for my period and if i was pregnate i would have concieved 3 weeks and 5 days ago but urine tests are coming back negative, so thats probly unlikey?

What could this pain be if it is not a cyst or I am not pregnat?


Sinceyou dont have cysts it cant be Polycystic Ovarian syndrome. The only two other things that seem logical are appendicitis or Pelvic Inflammatory Disease