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I'm turning 18 years old and for the past few months i've been experiencing a dull ache in the lower right hand side of my abdomen. Other strange symptoms are heavy vaginal discharge, and occasional discomfort during sexual activity.

My period is never on a schedule, and at some point, usually towards the end of it, a brown discharge will start instead of blood.
My doctor was really no help with me, he suggested gal stones.
im afraid it couldb serious

please let me know if you know anything


I came across this due to my wife experiencing a dull ache in the Right side of her abdomen. She didn't have the other symptoms that you had but it still came up when I did a search. I wish you had updated this to let the rest of us know how you made out. I was wondering if you could have had a Ectopic pregnancy. I would have guessed though that it had something to do with your, shall we say, female parts. Either the aforementioned or Ovarian cyst or maybe a Twisted Ovarian Cyst, even appendicitis would have fit. Either way you should not wait months to see a doctor when experiencing pain or other unusual symptoms. I am glad you went to the doctor, remember if you don't get answers demand a second opinion. I hope it was something more simple like just a bad period and you are now with out any issues. If you should get a email saying someone responded to this please update it as you can be of major help to many other women who have the same conditions.