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OK--so i'll get right to the point!! :|
Last night, my b/f and I had sex...half way through we had to stop...
It felt like a big bubble inside my stomach pushing on all my organs, couldnt really locate the exact spot of pain, generally around the abdomen area...
Then, i would get really sharp pains shooting out my vagina(thats wut it feels like) If i laid on my back it wasnt so bad, but if i stand it feels like its stretching something really low in my stomach! If i lay really still it will eventually ease up, after about 30 or 45 minutes...I thought it was finally gone last night, but here i am this morning and its still really sore, not so many sharp pains, and i can walk better!
I've had problems in the past with something like this, and i went to the E.R and they gave me antibiotics and pain pills, pretty much just wait it out, and it went away...?
I've also had something else..I think the dr. said it was a cyst on my ovary that ruptured...
Then, before THAT...i had a bartholins cyst, that ruptured...
ALL Very Painful!! But to top it off i contracted an STD (hpv..genital warts) about 4 years ago...which has been treated and havent had any breakouts or problems from that...
I've been with my b/f for 3 years now, and havent cheated!
Why do i keep having so many vagina problems!!!!!
Why dont they just go away...AND STAY AWAY??
What to do???Im hoping to get a better response than "go to the doctor"...they get expensive!!

I hope someone out there knows what im talking about and can help!! :-(



I experienced exactly the same feelings of a painful bubble inside me while in certain sexual positions, like air was being forced deep within me.
I went to the docs and it turned out to be Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID) which is incredibly harmful to a woman's reproductive and needs a strong dose of antibiotics to get rid of it.

In my case it was cased by chlamydia (which I discovered I must have had for at least 3 years) however it can be caused by other infections within the vagina.

It is said that the more often a woman gets PID, the more likely she is to get it in the future, and your trip to ER certainly sounded like it could have been PID.

PID is a virus that attacks your fallopian tubes and can go along to your ovaries. It causes abscesses or pockets of fluid to develop, which explained my feelings of bubbles. If untreated it can leave the fallopian tubes so severely scarred that it makes it virtually impossible for the egg to travel down into the womb.

I'm not a doctor, so I can't say that what you have is PID, however considering your past problems with cysts etc, I strongly suggest that you do go to the docs and get it checked. You may have to have a swab taken (which is exactly like a SMEAR test) however if it is PID it is easily got rid of with a strong dose of antibiotics.

More info can be found here:§ionId=1

Sorry if I've come across as scaring you, however I wish I had gone to get checked earlier, as the earlier you catch it, the less damage it does.

Hope everything is ok for you tho.