I have suffered from the age of 9/10 and I am now 18. The attacks start of dull, i have no appetite and usually start early hours of the morning/when asleep, they feel like severe contractions and the intense pain gets closer and closer together causing me to vomit atleast every 5 minutes at its worst. Im unable to walk and find it hard to keep awake. The pain can last up to 24 hours, then im back to normal but my stomach muscles feel bruised. Doctors say possible IBS, gluten intolerance, period pain.. the pain randomly comes, sometimes every 2/3 months or 6 months.


I had another attack last week, after the 2 days i hadnt recovered this time. The pain was now lower and a dull ache with sharp pains down back and front of me when i moved or tried to stand up. It felt like a Urinary Tract Infection which i previously had but without the burning/stinging when urinate. I went to NHS 24 and was sent straight to hospital, my urine showed high levels of infection and blood but nothing to show it was a UTI and the doctor said my body was attacking itself. Put on IV antibiotics and drip. I had a chest xray = clear, an ultrasound scan which showed 5cm cysts on both ovaries and a "liquid" behind womb. I then had an MRI with results that showed the 2 cysts were infact a mass of an abscess within my fallopian tube. I am currently on antibiotics for this. My discharge form says I am diagnosed with PID and tubo ovarian abscess and unspecified peritionitis. It also mentions a 5.5cm cyst on my right ovary which I thought I didnt have?! 


The pain from the PID infection was very different to the pain i have suffered from for years, it seemed to just happen at the same time...could these be linked? has anyone else who suffers from this pain been diagnosed or cured?