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Alright, im 14, male. For a week now, i havent really been able to take a deep breath. When i yawn it only helps for secounds. Ive been sneezing a lot in the morning, like 5 min after waking up. Ive only had a little bit of wheezing, like once a day for a couple secounds. I havent been coughing. And i only have this shortness of breath when im not really doing anything.

Is this serious, or im i just stressing out.

Sorry, i didnt know where to post this.


Hallo friend

Immaculate is my name, a trained nutritionist in Kampala. To begin with, i think you have to go and see your doctor to comfirm what the problem really is, for these kind of problems if ignored may lead to one thing or another. My advice to you is that you try using GNLDs food suppliments for this particular problem i would recommend you take food suppliments such as Herbal Respiratory formula, Beta guard, Galic allium, Nutrishake, multi-mineral & alfalfa and cal-mag. These will help you have good sleep always and breath normally and also this problem will disappear even if it was asthma that u are developing. Also try taking warm water every time you awake, in the night, morning etc it will help abit. Look for any GNLD ditsributor near your home town or you can also contact me on ***this post is edited by moderator *** *** private e-mails not allowed **
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