I have been having problems for 8 months or longer. My throat seems to be closing when I breath and its not getting any better I was diagnose with acid reflux and they put me on medication which I feel made it worse , I think there's more to it then acid reflux , yes my stomach does swell or hurts in between my ribs and certain foods make it worse but they can't tell me why I feel like I'm smothering . I feel like I have something stuck in my throat all the time and I try and cough it up for throw it up and it's still there , it gets really frustrating knowing I'm only 28 years old . I feel like I'm not heathy bc of this . I have asthma and I went to the dr and she said it wasn't my asthma so she sent me to the ears nose and thorat dr and she's the one said I had acid reflux. I just think they tell everyone that and I think they need to look more into things instead of leaving us hanging all she done was stuck a camera down my nose into my throat and said it was red ... Please someone let me know if this is happening to you