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Hello.  I had unprotected sex and he came inside me each time. May 27-31 while on birth control. I take my birth control everyday and do not miss any.I have taken a pregnancy test and it was negative. It maybe to soon to take one?   I have gained weight, felt nausea, lower back hurts, pink discharge, face breaking out, warmer than usual body temp., persistant headache, and food cravings. I should not get my period this month till June 13 or 14th. 

Do I have implantation bleeding (light pink discharge) which is different from period, has happened 2 days now?? Am I pregnant?

First Day of Last Menstrual Period: May 17, 2011

Probable Date of Ovulation: May 31, 2011

Possible Dates of Conception: May 27 to June 4, 2011

Due Date: February 21, 2012 (40 weeks)


Hi, i came across your posting tonight, sorry if no one has responded. I've noticed it is far and few that people actually respond to your post but they will add on to your question with how they're dealing with the same thing. So it shows that your possible dates of conception are may 27th-june 4th and that your due date is feb 21st. So are you pregnant?? I was going to respond saying from the sounds of it you are pregnant. But it baffles me that if you never missed your birth control, how did you end up pregnant?? Birth control is fail proof but only by about 1% if taken correctly, they saying birth control is only 89% effective because it's not taken correctly. But you can only get pregnant on birth control if you don't take it the same time everyday. Even if you only take it everyday but not at the exact same time it's almost fail proof. However there are many different things that can cause you to be late or spot or feel the way you do or be breaking out. Have you ever heard of a pseudo pregnancy? You'll have to look it up, it's crazy (for anyone that doesn't know what it is... it's real... basically your mental takes over the physical and makes it physical... if you make your body think it's pregnant 100%, you're body will start acting like it's pregnant: missed period, weight gain, breakouts, food cravings, etc. it's crazy) The best advice that can be given is to listen to your body and what's it's saying and take a test. It's rare that a test will ever give a false positive because the test if testing for the HTC hormone and you're body will never have that unless it's pregnant. So if you're getting a positive and then negative tests... you have 1 or 2 choices: go get a blood test to check because sometimes your HTC level is too low to register on a HPT or take 1 more HPT and believe it's what it says. I would go with going to the dr's and having a blood test done. HOWEVER, my friend who had her daughter almost 5 yrs ago she told me now only did she just know she was pregnant but asked about symptoms to ask, she bought a HPT at the $1 store and she said it turned blue before she peed on it that's how pregnant she was. She said it doesn't matter the cost and if you're pregnant it'll probably show it on the stick. But we all worry and we're too scared to say anything to people we know or it's too late that night to be calling friends so we reach out here. Even if you're going through the same thing, the least you can do is answer someone else's post first then add yours on like i'm about to do. :)

I have been dealing with a lot of the same symptoms you mentioned but i was told a year ago at age 28 that i will most definitely need a laparoscopy to see what's going on because i had uterine fibroids and ovarian cysts really bad and i may not be able to conceive until i get the scar tissue from the cysts removed and to see how big the fibroids are and if they're playing a part in my reproduction. It's very sad. I hope if you're ready for a baby or if you were to an extent trying (since he didn't pull out, it's sounds like you may have been trying some what) and you are in fact pregnant - congrats!!!

I'm not trying but wouldn't be too upset if i was pregnant. However, everyone's different and lots of people don't realize that some people's symptoms won't be the same for others. But, some will ring true and you'll just know. I've been back and forth with my body. My last period before this last 3 day period which is extremely short for me was around June 22nd, i slept with my boyfriend 3 times within july 4th - july 7th which were my ovulation days (didn't know that until later though when he started thinking something was up and started looking into my symptoms and the dates we slept together and when my last period was)... a couple weeks later my nipples hurt so bad, i broke out soooo badly on my face (worse then i ever remember), but then it finally cleared up, i kept feeling very weird... just weird. But then i got what i think is my period on July 22nd. But since then i've been sleeping a lot more, i've been feeling just very off, really horrible indigestion, running a low grade fever and now today i spotted a light light pink discharge when i wiped. So i don't know what's going on at this point. My boobs keep feeling really achey too. Just weird.

But i figured i'd let you know what i think and what i'm dealing with too. I know when i've posted questions and they've gone unanswered it was really frustrating. Maybe you can give me some insight when you get this. I hope you found out what you wanted the answer to be one way or another. Take care!