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Hi there, i have been suffering from anxiety/panic attacks for almost 7 years i am 24 and i have seen so may

health professionals about them that i dont know where else to turn. I took citalopram when i was 18 for a

short while but have not taken any other medication since. I have been reading reviews on valium and over all

looks quite positive but not sure if its the right thing to take. I get anxious in situations where i cant control

what it going on such as bus journeys, planes, trains traffic jams etc...


someone please help.



I take 5mg or 10mg at night as needed. I feel alot like the way you are describing and it does work great. However it is not a drug to mess around with never drink alcohol with it ever and dont miss a dose or you will pay for it the following day as your body has a memory and knows . Speak with your doctor about all the options available to you for your anxitey.