Hi folks,

Thought that I would write my first post having soent much time reading everone elses. I have been on both Eesipram and valium for over two years, being prescribed these after heart surgery and the depression/ anxiety that followed. I have been on 10mg of esipram for the entire time, and was originally on xanax before swapping to valium to taper off altogether. This has come to a grinding halt at 2mg daily, a low dose I know, but if I try to go ant lower I suffer from complete panic attacks, the ones where you do fell death is immenent. I have had these before (originally post heart surgey) and never want them again. I had been reducing the valium by as little as .25mg every other week, and all was fine. I am now beginning to wonder if the esipram could be the culprit, as my anxiety is starting to ramp up agin, even on the meds. Can anyone post some advice regading the lesser of the two evils with these meds, as I am not sure which of the two I really should try to get off first.

Thanks in advance!