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Hi everybody I would like your honest opinion on whether you think I should consider getting tested for A.D.D. First of all I would like to give you some background knowledge on me.  I'm a 17 year old African American male from a low income family, I live with my dad and sister only. The idea of me having A.D.D started when I spoke to my school psychologist, suggested by my dad, who asked me whats wrong, after I had several meeting concerning being on time and bad grades. I explained to her, I'm always late(probable now from when I was 11 years, ABOUT 450 TIMES) procrastination, motivation (I would be at home the whole weekend wanted to do work, but not have the energy too, only starting at 11 p.m Sunday night and ending 3 a.m Monday morning.  Being able to do at 11p.m Sunday because it excites me) poor listening skills, can't follow instructions( My dad and teachers always tell me I never follow through things right whether its homework or physical chores.) concentration problems (always daydreaming about things that excite me. This caused me to bomb my ACT and get 16) always half completing things physical or mental. Am a respectful kid don't have behavior problems (they say kids with A.D.D having problems with this) also I can concentrate when I do things I like such as basketball, working with computers. Also another thing is I don't have health care because my dad cant afford it and he's an immigrant. I really need help because right now am at my last 2 weeks at school, with finals coming up and missing a sh*t load of work about to fail the year. What can I do !!!


Hi Brandon,

Hope you're well:-)

I think you have provided enough evidence to answer your own question. However, what I'm interested in, is why you haven't already taken this option and been tested for A.D.D? You've suggested symptoms that fit in to the diagnosis, but your only real evidence for not having it is that you don't have behavioural problems & can concentrate on things you like. A.D.D doesn't necessarily mean having behavioural problems; it can sometimes mean a hightened frustration when things go wrong & misplaced emotions, but not necessarily behavioural problems.

The key element to conditions such as ADD & ADHD (symptom-wise, they're closely related) is that the person with it has a displacement of energy & attention, which can impact on learning behaviours. There can also be 'spectrums' of behavioural symptoms- someone can be more ADD than another person, but IMO I think this influenced by background & environment.

Geographically, ADD/ADHD is more likely to occur in white, low-income families, but that's simply down to statistics of reported cases. Additionally, ADD/ADHD is what is termed ' a Westerners condition'- it occurs in the developed world, but cases of it in more underdeveloped countries are rare. It's more likely to occur in boys and diagnosis age is usually in childhood to late teens.

I wouldn't necessarily take, such things as your geographical information in to account though; if you think you need a diagnosis- go for it.

Good luck. 




Thanks for replying, reason why I cant got for testing is I can't afford health care and my dad's an immigrant. Not to mention now that everybody is claiming A.D.D the FDA has made the proccess much more expensive, which makes it harder for people like me who actually struggle with it.


Hi ya,

I've just read over your original post & you said spoke to the school psychologist, but didn't say what they had diagnosed you with?

Also- if you do have A.D.D, how do you think a diagnosis will change your life? I ask this, because not all ADD & ADHD sufferers have medication and for some, CBT strategies, diet changes, focus & memory exercises & planning strategies can help with day-to-day issues of the disorder.

If you don't have any significant learning difficulties that have been picked up in school; you may simply need to start trying to self- manage & start controlling your learning behaviours. You've recognised that you are having problems, so that's a start! Well done. You may not have an attention disorder- instead you might simply be a normal teenager who is having a hard time with the motivation & focus. Are there any workshops at your school or in your area that can help with your grades- for example, homework or study groups?

We can all feel uninspired & unmotivated by things we have to do, instead of want to do- but that's life! Kick in a time plan for your homework- stop procrastinating & trying to blame attention disorders and focus on your academics.


Good luck in your exams!