hi im thirteen and ive been having seriously bad pain in both of my shoulder blades and down my back to my rib cage it started during the weekend my shoulder seemed to hurt a little and my rib cage had a slight pain which wasnt bothering me i do cross country and rela's and streetdancing so quite alot of sport but it never hurt then and i never felt like i pulled any muscles i just woke up with pain. i thought it was just the way i had slept that friday night but i was wrong wayyyy wrong its now monday night and i have an importent rela race tommorow but as i swing my arm to run it it sooo painful the pain's main point is the bottom of my shoulder blade and when i open a door handle it feels like chuck norris has just punched me in the arm plus every now and again i get a slight pain on the right side of my rib cage but its really nothing im not having any trouble breathing. i dont know if this has anything to do with this but my legs hurt and so does my throat. please help me it feels like im dieing slowly lol my mum gave me a hot water bottle to try ease the pain hope it works :(