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I have been having intermittent burning under my right shoulder blade for the past 8 months. I've been to a chiropractor and it hasn't improved. The pain just comes on without any movement to my right arm or anything. Also the pain doesn't increase with ROM (range of motion). Then my chiropractor was thinking that I needed to get a massage because he said I had some knots under the shoulder blade. So I got a massage a few days ago and I was really hoping that it would help. The massage therapist was surprised that the pain didn't increase with ROM. And its back again with me just sitting in a chair and doing nothing. Now I'm starting to thingk that its not musculoskeletal. Has anyone had this before? Any suggestions would help. I have an appointment to see my PCP in a couple of weeks.


Hi Amy: Actually I'm glad I logged on to this! As I had the EXACT same thing! What it ended up being was a pulled muscle in my rib!!!!!! What I want you to do is go to your doctor! and have him/her do an ultrasound and an xray on your rib cage! The xray will show anything bony going on! And the ultrasound will show if there is any swelling!

In the mean time, put a VERY WARM Hot Water Bottle - buffered by a towel - on your shoulder blade and where else it hurts, then follow immediately by a bag of frozen veg - preferably peas - the on and off heat then cold will help you with the pain. Also taking Ibuprofen will too! Definitely let me know how you make out at the doctors OK? Good luck and health honey!