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 am having severe pain in the upper crack of my butt, it goes down my ight right cheek and down outer edge of my right leg. Aching down leg into aching toes on right foot. Bulk of pain is in the crack (1" into crack) of bum. It aches constantly, pain can begin suddenly in crack like a severe sharp pain, sometimes feeling like an electric shock. Not sure if nerve pain or muscle spasm. I am feeling very depressed as i have pain every day, although i am on 18 mg of contin, 1 mg of breakthru, that still does not help when pain gets severe. I cannot stand up for any length of time, can't weight bear on R side, can't sit which makes pain worse. I have no real quality right now.  I do little outside of the home. Laying on left side with a pillow between legs helps somewhat. Physi has been treating the Si joint and when they press on the Si joint, the tear start flowing.  Is an injection of a steroid or cortisone a solution. I can't deal with any more pain; can't even do housework. I am not taken seriously when going to ER. I am told i will have this for rest of my life, so will have to learn to manage. I am not eating and have lost 13 lbs in 3 week. Fed up. Any suggestions for my doc, ie- arthritic pain clinic who do Si joint injections. I live in Ontario Canada


I have been having SI joint injuctions for a year or so and they really work. You should try them. Last for me around 3-4 months and then I go in and have it done again. They say I can have it done no more than 4 times a year.. I have had rheumatoid arthiritis for 39 years and it really helps with the inflamation and pain in my hip and pelvis which causes my lower back butt pain.