I have been hurting in my right buttock area for around 10 years or more. It is now getting so unbearable that I set around and cry alot.

It started out with my right buttock just aching for about 5 or 6 years. Then it started hurting so bad right on the top of my butt crack. The bottom of my butt bone (next to where my leg joins the butt) is always so sore it hurts to just barely touch it, all the time. Sharp shooting pain from the top of my split following real close to the center going down the right side of butt. Now my whole right butt cheek sets and throbs constantly. Now, the pain is in my hip, sometimes when I step on my right leg, it feels like my hip is coming out of the joint. The pain is now going down the right side of my leg and it is constant. When I wake up in the morning, it is like the tendon or what ever goes down the back of your leg is stiff and hurts to straighten my leg until I take several steps then it still hurts but not all day, but it is constantly sore. My inner thighs, next to my private area will have severe sharp pains that comes and goes and when they come, they take me to the floor. Sometimes I can alleviate the pain from the tendon going down the back of my right leg by taking the hard tendon or whatever it is in the back of the crease of my knee and pull or push it one way or another. It hurts but feels better when I let go, but the pain comes right back.

There feels like there is a hard knot above and into the middle of my right butt cheek and it hurts. Walking, sitting, climbing stairs, squatting, just moving my right leg, it hurts all the time. CONSTANT! There's even pain that goes up into my shoulder in the front on the right. I can not sleep on my right side cuz my hip is so sore. Now it is all starting to happen in my left area.  Now my lower right back where your back and butt meet but right on the right side of the spine and to the middle of the ride side.