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Hello. I was a healthy woman for all my life. I am 50 years old and I’ve never been to a doctor but six months ago I experienced one serious accident following several injuries.
While I was cleaning dust from the top of one closet in my apartment, chair on which I stand turn over and I felt to the floor.
I broke my leg and my hip bone. Doctor putted me in cast for forth months. Two months ago I get up from the bed and all my fractures healed. But, I have really strong pain located in my sacroiliac joint that is killing me!
I didn’t pay a visit to a doctor because I thought it would heal by it self. Well, it didn’t. What kind of injury it is?


Well, welcome to the oldies club.
That injury is most severe injury of older people, especially of females.
Unlike most other joints, the SI joint is not designed for much motion. In fact, it is quit common for the sacroiliac joint to become stiff and actually "lock" as we age.
Your trauma caused small ligaments, which hold the joint, to be stretched out of position.
I can tell you that this injury is very difficult to treat.
It can be surgery treated. Surgery on the SI joint usually consists of a fusion of the joint but I don’t suggest you to do this because there are other solutions like physical therapy.
To decrease movement in this joint and stabilizes the joint you could also buy specific brace called the sacroiliac belt which can help a lot.
Good luck!