I had TKR on both knees in 2015. I was told a groove was made in my leg bone and one bone was bowing. After almost 2 years I was finally diagnosed with both SI joint arthritis. I recently had treatment on both side. Numbing of the nerves. That was because I had pain in hips when walking and severe cramps in calf, feet, arches and toes. For the most part the hip pain is gone. Still having my toes curling for no reason but if I stretch my leg I will get a cramp and curling problem occurs. I saw my back doctor and he says nothing he can do to help me with this constant pain and cramps. I understand my gate did change after TKR and that may even be why my SI joints needed to be fixed. I still don't understand why these cramps?? I can't wear any shoes with a heel 1/2  to 2 inch. My arches and toes curl up its hard to put my foot into a sneaker. I sleep on a heating pad for relief use numbing agents and patches. I drink plenty of fluid take magnesium nightly. Any advise is appreciated. Thanks