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I think I may be pregnant, but I'm not sure. My symptoms are:



-Frequent bowel movements

-Increase in gas

-My breasts are a bit larger

-Sore nipples

-Throbbing pain on the right side of my abdomen

-Sore lower belly

-Occasional cramp in my stomach

-I don't eat a lot anymore

However, I have not pissed a period.

I took a pregnancy test yesterday, but I believe I diluted my urine by drinking too much liquid before I took it.

In case it's important, I drank about a ten ounce cup of Sunny D, then milk, and a bottle of Sobe.

Please someone help me.


its best to take pregnancy tests in the morning. pregnancy tests test for the hormone hCG, your morning pee has the highest concentrate of it!
even the dollar store prego test work! if your dont have a lot of money, go out and buy a few of those. id buy like 5. and then  wait for the next morning! good luck!