So I'm not too sure what exactly is going on. My period started February 7th a normal period, then this month it started on the 2nd and normal too. Had unprotected sex on the 6 and 10th. Had mild cramps throughout the month, thought nothing of it. Then on the 26th-28th I've had some cramps, and serious mood swings crying and yelling and all. Breasts a bit sensitive but not too bad, headaches and tired, but handling it. Back hurts sparatically. I just thought my period was going to come so I prepared myself. I had some VERY light spotting on the 27th and put a tampon in overnight and the next morning on the 28th...nothing. I have been checking that whole day, nothing. I checked all day today the 29th...nothing. Just waiting and waiting, never happened to me before where I spotted and then nothing. It's been 28 days since my last period and I bought a pregnancy test at the dollar store, but it came out negative. I don't know, I mean if it is implantation bleeding then it'd be too early to tell right? Or no? I don't know. I researched online and they all say to wait a week after implantation bleeding to give the hcg enough time to build up. The pregnancy test at the dollar store wasn't an early preg. test. I don't have enough money to buy one. Any response appreciated.