I noticed it about a week ago, and like i said its skin colored, hard, painless, and about 70% of the size of a pencil eraser. Does anyone know what it might be?

Also, i got some kind of a rash on the inside of my thighs. like where my thighs touch my testes. I am not sexually active, so it cant be an STD. The rash is pretty itchy. There are no bumps, pimples, or anything. just reddish and itchy. Also my testes sweat a little. Never like dripping or getting my underwear/ boxers wet or even dam, but they are not perfectly dry when I wear the underwear. The rash started occurring about the time when I switched from wearing boxers to underwear, Not sure if there is any relation.

Also, I take hot baths quite frequently. (about 3 times a week, usually for about 40 minutes) Again, maybe not related but maybe it is.