I was just wondering if anyone could diagnose this.
This morning I awoke, got out of bed and went to the bathroom to brush my teeth, etc.
A few minutes into my routine, I started getting a sharp pain in my left side, a little lower than where the stomach is. It started gradually and increasingly got more painful. A minute later it gradually decreased in pain and though it was a fluke of my body.
When I went into the kitchen for breakfast, it started acting up again. The pain in my left side was horrendous! It was so sharp I couldn't do anything but sit down and grab my side. The pain left again...but a minute or two later it would come back again. Each time was just as painful as the last and this lasted about a good half hour to an hour. I thought it was appendicitis.
After 10 minutes of this, I started feeling really dizzy. I looked out of the window and saw a car slowly pass by, but it made me feel so nauseous. (I decided not to look at any more cars.) Then, bright spots and lights started appearing in front of my eyes...sort of like when you stand up really quick from a sitting or lying down position. But I was already sitting down when the bright spots appeared. My ears started ringing too and I started sweating and feeling clammy at the same time.
After the half hour to hour passed, I felt okay again. The pain dulled and then went non-existent.
Now, I know this is not a weird body fluke but I am not on any medications and it passed by so quickly. I have no idea what it is...Can anyone shed any light on this?
Thanks so much! Please email me back at _[removed]_