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Last thursday i had blood tests done because i kept having pains below my chest and lower tummy along with a lot of bloatedness. The doctor said i may have IBS but wanted to rule out anything else so suggested i got a blood test. I got the results today and was told over the phone that everything is ok in relation to blood cell count etc (couldnt remember the other tests)  but my crp level is slightly elevated? The woman on the phone didnt seem like she knew what she was talking about as she did not elaborate on a possible cause and now i'm worried as to what this could mean. Especially because i'm now on my easter holidays and wont be able to get back in touch with the doctor untill im back at uni. Does anyone have any advice as to what i should do?



Hi 92,

CRP or C-Reactive Protein is a diagnostic tool.  By itself, it doesn't mean much.  It indicates the presence of proteins in your blood that are an indicator of infection or trauma.  It can also indicate autoimmune disorders.

Check with your doctor when you get back.  They may want to do another blood test, using the first as a baseline.

Sometimes, it can indicate Crohn's disease, instead of IBS.

Again, by itself it doesn't indicate anything.  It is used in conjunction with other tests.  Hope it helps.