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Hey everyone.

I ran into my old friend from the childhood in the hospital. She was in the rush and we couldn’t talk a lot about anything. I just asked her what is going on, why is she in the hospital and she told me that she needs to do some C – Reactive protein test. When I asked her what this test is, she just wave aside with her hand.

Now I am curios what is going on with her.

What is the purpose of C – Reactive protein test?

Do you know about it? Is it painful, connected to some disease?


Hello there.

I am glad that you asked.

Here we go. A C – reactive protein test is a blood test that measures the amount of protein in your blood that is called C – reactive protein. This protein measures general levels of inflammation in your body. Now, high levels of CRP are caused by some infection and many of long – term diseases. But there is one problem. The CRP test cannot show where the inflammation is located or what is causing it. There are so many other tests that needs to be done to find out this.

That is why I can’t tell you what could be the problem with your friend. I hope that you will meet with her very soon to ask her is everything ok.




You were talking about high level of CRP. Well I will tell you what I know about this. If the level is high in the blood it is a sign that there may be an inflammatory process occurring in your body.

You need to know that inflammation itself is not a typically problem but it can be an indicator to a host of other heath concerns. Those concerns can be infections, kidney failure, arthritis, etc.

High level of CRP levels can put patients at increased risk of coronary artery disease and unfortunately this can cause heart attack.

The propose of this test you already know.



Hi guys.

The level of CRP in the blood is normally low. Well, when it is a high or increased amount of it in the blood, doctors will indicate that there is a presence of inflammation, but they will not be able to identify what is the location or the cause of it. In individuals suspected of having some serious bacterial infection, a very high CRP can be confirmatory. Some people have chronic inflammatory conditions as well and sometimes the treatment in that case is not effective.

I really do hope that you were able to understand all out comments.

Take care.