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I'm getting to the point where I hear ringing in my ears followed by pressure in my head which usually culminates in me taking ibuprofen. When trying to sleep, I feel gastric gases rise and my airways seem to close up. I begin to wheeze. Most times I have to drag myself back into full consciousness as I feel I'm 'dying'. Eventually after a few attempts I slip into sleep after deep breathing for a while.

I'd been told by the doctor each time I see him that I don't have anything wrong with me. I smoke and use marijuana on a daily basis. He thinks I'm a hypochondriac but I'm not.

I bought a blood pressure monitor today. In a relaxed state without having smoked for at least one hour, it puts my pulse at 95 with systolic at 150 and diastolic at 85. Repeated the test and I get similar results.

I sometimes get tingling sensations in random parts of my body.

I'm 36, overweight, quite a heavy smoker since 18, but desperately trying to quit and do more exercise.

Any ideas?


Tingling sensation may be an indication of diabetes. You also have high blood pressure that needs to be brought under control with medication and regular exercise. You have symptoms of acid reflux. Try sleeping at an inclined position or at least pop your head up using lots of extra pillows. Nicotine patch or gum is a good way for a smoker to quit smoking. At least you are not breathing in all the poisons and carcinogens that are making you sick.