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I’m 30-year-old male about to turn 31 and an ex-smoker. I suspect that I may have asthma but I’m not really sure and the doctors over here (Japan) don’t seem to help as they simply listen to my breathing (when I’m feeling okay) and take a chest x-ray and say everything’s okay.

I have never had any allergies and I have 2 cousins on my fathers side who asthma as kids.
*Stopped smoking August 2006
*Had 2 cigarettes in mid way through September then stopped again
*Got some sort of flu around the end of October which although it only lasted 3 days it really knocked me back and the main symptom was a burning feeling in my chest (no cough)
*Around mid December I was playing soccer and running around for 30 minutes at the end of it I couldn’t catch my breath and felt as though I was going to pass out.
*a week or so later I had another flu again in my chest, and from then to the end of February I was sick every other week.
*I started to smoke and continued for about 5 days and stopped and haven’t had another one since Janurary 9 2007..
At one point I took a week off and t rested and still got sick. I tried to get out and do stuff as I normally would which would be okay sometimes but more often than not I`d get sick.
I was constantly fatigued and struggled to breath (not to catch my breath but just the act of breathing was laborious) just sitting at my desk at work. I would get to work after a 10-minute bike ride and have to sleep. When inhaling and exhaling at these times a sound like a wheeze would continue after stopping either way, but only if I forced it not when I was breathing normally.
*There was another time where I over did it a bit and felt faint and struggled to breath after exercising
**Things began to get better in March.
*At the end of May I had to a share a room with 2 smokers and. Next week my chest was tight and I had a tickle in my throat. I got sick again.
*Since April I have been improving, but in mid august I was around people who smoke and my chest has been tight along with coughing and an almost constant tickle in this last week till now. I have had a little be of flem or mucus but only once or twice and the coughing only happens sometimes but I can’t figure out what causes it. The main thing is the tickle in my chest which when i have it and take a deep breath in and out I get a slight wheeze like in winter, again only if I force it.

If anybody has any experience or knowledge about what I`m saying I`d really appreciate any help!


4 major symptoms of asthma -

Shortness of breath - especially with exertion or at night
Wheezing - a whistling or hissing sound when breathing out
Coughing - may be chronic; usually worse at night and early morning; and may occur after exercise or when exposed to cold, dry air
Chest tightness - may occur with or without the above symptoms

Unfortunately, there are other respitatory diseases and heart conditions that share these symptoms. Seeing as they did some x-rays, you can rule out a few of the more serious respiratory conditions.

These MAY be warning signs of heart problems. Did they test your heart?
Next time you get sick, try to see a doctor while symptoms are present.



Thanks for your reply, it`s good to know that it`s not another serious respitory problem.
They did give me and ECG last year when i first complained of getting a tight chest and nothing out of the ordinary came up.
The problem with symtoms is that they are very mild when I am at work and don`t come on untill later and even then they are quite often mild.
I suppose I could do some exercise or purposfully inhale tobacco smoke and go to the Hospital on the weekend but I seriosly doubt I`d get a diffrent result from them.
Does anyone know of any other things this could or couldn`t be?


Have you done any allergy tests? Or any other testings, maybe private? It could be asthma, but a mild one. And when it's mild, you gotta find good doctors to diagnose it, because most if they don't see or hear clearly what it is, they won't bother about that anymore. 
Probably you should search for some good doctors, because unfortunately only a doctor can prescribe you the right medicine. I had similar problems when my asthma was mild, though it was typical asthma, but doctors just didn't do anything. Only a chest x-ray which was okay, one spirometry when I was okay and that's it. They said it's normal and did nothing. Later, when the first serious attack happened, at first I hesitated, but then I went to some good private doctors, did aditional tests like metacholine test, bronchodilator test and allergy testings, and got diagnosed with allergies and moderate asthma. It changed everything. I got better medications and all. But if there's no option to go to a doctor, you should probably seek some natural treatment. Probably it would help, at least a bit. 


HI I know what your problem is. its called shortness of breath , and its caused from quiting smoking, when you quit smoking you can not pick up another cig if you do then your time starts all over again. it takes about 6 months for your shortness of breath gets better or goes away, if you dont smoke anymore your caughing will be gone in 3 months. there is another site on steady health that lots of quiters go to, look for it and you will get all the help you need.


I, too smoked for 18 or so years. I am only 30, but feel like I am 60! Have been quit for 6 months cold turkey. Since quitting, I have been sick 1 to 2 times per month. The wheezing when forced is as exactly as you described... Spot on exactly how I feel. I am being treated by an allergist now because the last 6 months have been the worst that I have ever felt physically. I ran a mile on a treadmill and got pneumonia last month. I found out that I am allergic to grasses, cats, horses, trees and dust mites. Never had this before at all. Was prescribed albuterol inhaler and Flonase for allergies. Who thought that quitting would have such a negative impact on your health! I will never pick up another cigarette simply because I would not want to go through this all again. I suggest seeing an allergist to at least help deal with symptoms. I feel better with these two medicines, but overall I feel so weak and powerless because I don't know what to do. Also my doc wants to start me on singulair and start allergy shots. Little doses of what allergens u are allergic to are shot into ur system for a long period of time. All this is so foreign? I never had any allergic reactions when I was smoking. I played football for 6 years in middle and high school and would love the smell of grass. I would practically roll around in it ! Now I am allergic to it? So weird, but the scientific breakdowns make much sense, but when I bring it up to my doctor he changes the subject and scoffs at the correlation between me quitting and my new found allergies. He somewhat agrees that the smoking may have masked my symptoms... In any case, just wanted to share my story... Also otc centrizidine works well with symptoms. I will follow through with allergy shots as they are deemed long term cures. The longer your body has to become comfortable with the substances that it is allergic to, the less allergic those substance s become to you body , thus making your flare ups minimize. Thanks