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I want to know how exercising affects your blood pressure


Any type of exercise is beneficial for blood pressure and can be used as a treatment of hypertension.

During aerobic activities such as walking, swimming, running, the blood pressure rises (systolic blood pressure, SBP, rises progressively, while diastolic blood pressure, DBP, stays the same or decreases slightly, pulse rate also rises).

During static exercises such as weight lifting, both the SBP and DBP are increased but not to the amount as SBP.

Both types of exercises are beneficial to hypertension reduction.


Well, taking off fat by exercising (and possibly dieting) lowers blood pressure, getting rid of water and salt through sweating has the same effect as diuretic does. Exercising also affect insulin and adrenalin hormones. Beta-blockers also affect adrenalin but they additionally raise cholesterol and sugar while exercises reduce them.

20 minutes a day of exercising would have a beneficial effect on your blood pressure.