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While putting my hair behind my ear, my fingers brushed a bump behind my ear and I gently pushed on it and immediately felt pain. I asked a friend to look at it and she described it as the area behind my ear being a bright red color and the bump a white color. The bump was about the size of a pea, not alarmingly huge but too big too be a pimple (can you even get those behind your ear?) and now my ear and neck around the bump are very tender. Any diagnosis? My mom thought maybe a spider-bite



I'd go with your mom's diagnosis.  I had a widow spider bite me on the side of my face.  Initially it swelled and the area was red and eventually a white bump formed.  It took several months for it to heal and it left a scar behind.  At least your bump is on the back of your ear were it probably won't be noticed.  You might trying putting some antibiotic cream on it to keep it from getting infected or at least some alcohol to dry it up faster.  I happen to be allergic to neurotoxins and so my bite was pretty bad.  You may have some sensitivity to the venom so keep an eye on it and make sure it doesn't develop into something worse.