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I noticed this lump/bump behind my ear last night. And yes I've had something similar but it didnt hurt like this one does. It hurts to even hardly touch. I need help on whatbit COULD be..thank you!


Hello syd... Can you see the lump at all with a mirror?  Is it directly behind your ear or is it down a bit by your neck?  Does it seem like it is full of pus or anything?  It might be a boil or sebaceous cyst that has developed in the back of your ear. You may have an infection that needs to be looked at by the doctor. You may need it lanced to allow the infection to get out and be put on antibiotics so that it will heal.  You will feel much better getting to the doctor and have it taken care of.  Good Luck!

Has anyone else ever had a sebaceous cyst?  Where was it located and how was it treated?