My son play soccer for St. THomas Uni., 4 weeks ago was training twice a day with 100 deegre, he was taked to the hospital, his cpk was 1100, in order to lower it did had to stay 2 day in there, 3 days after his release went back to practice, again that day was in an anbulance back to the hospital with not fluid in his body and 990 cpk, same day I took him home, 1 week resting doctor realiz him, second day of practice again to the hospital, cpk it was 1240, stays 2 days at the hospital, doctors conduct every test posible, lower his cpk to 420, now he is resting for at lease 3 weeks, I'm looking for some explanation about this situation, researching mysel I finf out 3 types of cpk, his problably is cpk 3 mm, muscular deasease.
What would you recomend me, what specilist look for, we leave in Miramar, FL 33025, _[removed]_ _[removed]_