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My boyfriend was admitted to the hospital with what they called "plurisy" on his right upper chest area. They treated him for 2 weeks and released him telling us that everything was ok.

Three weeks later he was re-admitted with the same pain in the same area. After many X-rays. scans and a biopsy they told him he had cancer. They performed sugery in which they said they took got the whole tumor but they had to take part of his lung and three ribs out to get it. Then they said that it was a fungal infection not cancer?

They released him two weeks after his surgery into my care with Glucotrol, Warfarin, and Percocet for the pain. The pain in his chest had been getting progressively worst so I took him back to the hospital. They said that he still had an infection in the area of the surgery and prescribed antibiotics. The next day he had a seizure in which I had to call paramedics to take him back to the hospital and they re-admitted him again. Now they are saying that it's an infection that could be melanoma? Have you ever heard of melenoma being inside a person and not showing any outwards signs? And have you ever heard of a fungal infection that would be eating the ribs?


Hello there! I know of fungus called Aspergillus that affects the lungs. It shows up as a ball and consists of fungus fibers, blood clots, and white blood cells. This ball can enlarge, and destroy lung tissue. However, this fungus rarely spreads to other areas of the body. Aspergillosis is the infection caused by this fungus and if it becomes aggressive (which happens rarely), it can spread to the brain and kidneys through the bloodstream. This usually happens in people with a weakened immune system. I haven’t heard that it can “eat” the ribs.

Have you been told what kind of fungus infection your boyfriend has been found? Has he suffered from a serious disease before? I am asking to see if his immune system may be weakend?

I haven’t heard of an inside melanoma. Melanoma is a skin cancer and it is first noticeable on skin. There are for basic types. They are:
1. Superficial spreading melanoma-the most common. This type takes a lot of time to penetrate deeper into the skin, usually is situated in the top layer of the skin. It shows signs like flat or raised discolored patch that has irregular borders and can be brown, black, red, blue, or white. It is most likely to show up in the trunk in men and legs in women.
2. Lentigo maligna remains close to the skin surface for a while, and usually appears as a flat or slightly elevated brown, or dark brown discoloration.
3. acral lentiginous melanoma, also first spreads superficially and later it penetrates. It shows as discoloration (black or brown) under the nails or on the soles of the feet or palms of the hands.
4. nodular melanoma, is recognized when it becomes a bump and has already became invasive. It can be blue, gray, white, brown, tan, red, or skin tone.

Tell me, what is the last diagnose doctors made?