Hi there. Im currently 19 years old n for atleast a a year and a half i have had this solo white, almost pimple like bump on my penis head. i am circumsized n have been since birth. i dont remember when this bump first appeared but i have just let it be for the past few years. nothing has changed about it in size or in numbers. i have noticed when i get an erection it enlarges very very slightly. It almost feels n looks like it has fluid inside of it. It never hurts, iches, burns when i piss, or anything out of the ordinary. its just there n seems to always be there. the only reason i have had worries lately is because someone i had intercourse with the past week was the first person to ask about it. All i want to kno is wat it is n if i should have concern about it. like i said my health along with feeling, as far as pleasure n touch goes, is no different. its just there. can anyone help me?