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oy, like the subject says, i have these red lump like things under the head of my penis. i haven't been sexually active for 3 years and these first appeared last March. They just look like red blotches of broken skin, circling around under the head, that are constantly moist and lightly secreting a clear quick drying liquid. the liquid may clog pores because now i have a small pimple like thing, but i dunno. they are more noticeable after i do a little solo action, but they stay wet for hours. it may be followed by a rancid smell, but i keep everything clean down there, so i dunno what the problem is. in March, i took a bunch of different antibiotics for a few weeks and they went away, but now they're back. i'd rather get a clue on what i'm dealing with before i show my doc my junk, so your insight will be nice.


Could be a yeast infection, could be  a rash – I am concerned about the clear fluid, though. Blister-like bumps that are filled with a clear fluid are characteristic of herpes, so it is really important that you get it checked out, even if you have not been sexually active for a while. In the meantime, you can also try a penis vitamin crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) that has ingredients like vitamin A and vitamin E – these are good for healing and soothing blemished skin. Good luck, I hope you find an answer!