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Hey, this is my first time on theis website and im kinda embarrassed talking about all of this.

Im a 15 year old boy. i have a bad pimple problem on my forehead and try as hard as i cant to get it treated. I've went to a dermatologist but it didnt work out well. I used Acnefree, Proactive, And Clearsil but i saw no changes, just more acne. I dont mind that too much, but its my nose that gets me upset. I have alot of blackheads on just my nose and i try real hard to get them off but nothing works they keep coming and coming, i have this tool thats great for taking off pimples but taking out the blackheads brings me horrible pain. People tell me often times, that my nose is dirty or i got dirt on my nose, but thats just the blackheads.

I Also have a bad back acne problem. It started out as one pimple then it kept spreading and i cant see my back so its hard for me to take care of it since i can reach it. Now its spreading to the back of my neck. The kids in my school are well really "honest" and they see when you have anything on youre face or something and point it out to you like you don't know its there. They are very cruel and unforgiving. I would just like to know, is this anyway linked to masturbation? I hear all kinds of rumors about it but about 50% say its true and 50% say its false. I dont know what to believe.

Okay, Here is the embarresing part. I don't know how to say it, so here it goes. I think theres something wrong with my penis. i have a dark brown line traveling from my scrotum up to my foreskin connecting to the head of my penis on a slightly curvy line.(I am uncircumsized). What comes out of this "line" is a thin piece of reddish flesh that attaches to the head of my penis. I don't know if this is normal and far too afraid to ask anybody. The piece of flesh seems to somewhat cover the bottom of my "urine hole"I dont know what its called. This problem makes me pee slighly upwards when i aim straight. I also have some gross Fordyce spots that seems to be everywhere along that dark line and a little scattered around my scrotum. I also have a "beauty mark" righ in the middle of my foreskin which isnt that bad but kinda wierd to me since i havent known of anyone ever getting there. also my penis is three inches when not erect but its 7 inches when erect, is that normal? Kids in my grade brag about how they have 7-13 inch ones when not even erect, so i feel quite embarresed.

This Week in my gym class im going to be starting swimming. I dont know how to swim so its an issue for me but if i dont swim then i fail. im ebarresed to say i cant swim and it would be akward seeing people swim when im the only one being taught to swim but, im also going to have to get naked in a locker room, with other guys, and shower, with other guys which im totally new to. I'm what you would calll a loser. Im unattractive,shy, and slightly pudgy. I dont talk to girls that much because im really red-faced when i talk to them.

My life is crappy, i often find myself alone, depressed, and extremely bored. Theres never any excitement in my life, i've looked for a hobby and my dream is to play in a band. I want to learn guitar. Most of the time, im wasting my life on my computer, and i do worse in school every year. I decided that Im going to live my life with no worries and whatever happens happens.With total disregard towards school, theres nothing to do, at all. My new years resolution was that im going to try and pursue learning and playing guitar, and that im going to weightlift ( my brother is a kid who lifts weights and is very large muscle-wise in my opinion, so i basically have a gym in my basement). I contemplating on joining the Armed forces if my life continues this way.

Almost everything above completely eliminated my self esteem, and i don't belive in myself. but im glad i got all this off my chest for the first time.

I know alot of people have it WAY WAY WAY worse then i do, and it gets me somewhat through a day.



Well...on the penis thing, it sounds like you have this problem that my nephew has. I forgot what it was called but it requires surgery if bad enough. Alright....about the size of it, you are good. lol....the kids at your school saying they have 7-13 in not erect are complete liars. You are a good size..don't even fret.


no, its puberty, its all normal, i have acne too, it started b4 i started masturbating

no problems, some women prefer guys uncircumsized, dont worry about beauty marks and that c**p, if u keep it clean and smelling good the girl will not mind.

lol, they are full of sh!t no offence, take 4-5inches off what they say and its the real deal. average male penis size: 5-6 inches, so like me ur blessed with a larger one.. believe me its a gift :)

why do they care what they look like?

if they say anything about ur penis, be like why the hell were u looking at it?

if they say anything about acne, be like hmm its called maturing and puberty.. guess what?!? IT HAPPENS TO EVERYONE

if they ask about why ur a little pudgy be like, its the way god made me, if u have any problems with it.. ask him.

i used to be just like you, you have to not care what people think of you..

me: acne, uncirc, tall and too skinny, 7-8inch (havent cared to measure in a while) and sorta weak.

what i did to change? just be myself, if the person or girl doesnt like you then move on they are probably "arse"holes

if ur worried about ur body then hit the gym like i did, take whey protien (25$ for a 3pound jar, lasts 2 months, increases muscle mass gain) and dont go for high amount of weight first! go for HIGH AMOUNT OF REPS it will tone down ur body and make u look smaller and more definative muscles


I admit im a "closet" nerd, i'm a gamer at night, i play counterstrike source, and lineage 2 all the time, "prep" during the day, and i party/chill over the weekend, i also wear whats comfortable for me (slippers, hoodies) and if someone comments on it, i just answer with "i'm really comfortable, i feel good, how about you?"

remember there is no cool crowd, its the crowd having the most fun.

Hope this helps, any other questions ask!


Hi Mushroomhead07, how are you right now?


For the acne, using acne products just worsened mine. In the morning I wash my face with clean and clear morning burst brightening (yellow bottle) and put aloe Vera on as moisturizer. I wear foundation and so after school, when I take a shower, I will wash my face with the clean and clear face wash and use the aloe Vera again. Once a week or so, i will use a face mask (queen helene acne mask- green clay mask thingy) I used to have horrid acne but my skin is 99% perfect now. I haven't gotten a pimple in almost 9 months :) for the back acne, I used to use acne wash on it and put acne medicine but that just overdries it. Use the clean and clear on your back as well and moisturize with either the aloe Vera gel or regular body lotion. Most guys lie about penis size. There's no way they have 13 inch long penises when the world record is 13 inches. No way in hell without lots of medication and possibly even surgery. Your penis sounds fairly normal but I'd talk to your doctor if it seems odd to you. As for being bored with life, I feel you. I felt the same way last year every day and felt like life was not worth living. Not trying to pressure you or make you do something you don't want to do, but I LOVE MARIJUANA. Ever since I started smoking, I've lost weight, my acnes gotten better, I've been more relaxed (even when I'm not high), life seems meaningful, I've met more cool friends. Just a suggestion. Good luck:)


If you have an older brother ask him if he would talk to you about it. Did he have acne problems also. And ask if he has any of the marks or other things you have questions about. As for size, there are showers and growers. Some men gain length when they are erect. some men are larger but stay pretty much the same when they are erect. Also the normal average size is between 5 to 6 inches, so your above average. Ask them why they are interested in the size of your penis? I have seen guys with a line or seam mark that is on their scrotum, and some it goes all the way up. That is genetics, some guys have balls that hang down and some that are very tight. Some go completely up when they are ready to cum, some don't move at all. That is why your brother may have some answers for you. Sometimes things skip a generation and you would have traits like your grandfather, if one of your parents have dark hair and one light, you may have one or the other. My older sister is the only one out of 5 with dark hair, the rest started out as blondes, and for the most part my body hair still is light. If it were dark I would look hairy, but it's light and doesn't stand out.