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First of all....
I think my penis may be small... and is penis size affected by height?

I'm fairly short for my age
I'm 15 years old and about 5'3 - 5'4 My penis erect is about 4.5ish inches

is that small... and will it change?

secondly i seem to be turned on a lot I masturbate usually everyday but now i just seem to have a temptation to have real sex I know that i shouldn't because I'm too young and if i get her pregnant that'd cause some big problems. masturbation just doesn't seem to be enough anymore



You're a couple of inches shorter than average for a 15 year old but you're still growing so don't worry about that.

4.5 inches is pretty good sized. For an adult male it averages 5.5 or so. Don't worry about it.

Is penis size affected by height, not exactly. There are some really big guys with very small penises just as there are some pretty short guys with really big penises. It's kind of like shoe size. Some are bigger than others.

You're turned on because of all the hormones in your body. Physically you're ready for sex but emotionally you're not.

I will say this, you are very mature for your age. To recognize that you're too young to have sex due to the risks is quite telling of your maturity.

Don't worry about your size. It's not the size, it's what you do with it.

Hang in there and keep us posted. Good luck.


I just want to agree with all the Dan said. You are in your puberty and you will experience many changes during next few years. And through this time you will find many things that can confuse you. Regardless are they sexual or physical or psychological nature.
If you have any more question posted them, and we will give are best to answer them.
All the best.


I know I probably shouldnt be retelling my husbands story without his permission but I think it will make you feel better. So here you go, Ive known my husband for a long time. We were a little younger than you when we met. At 15 he was around 5'4" and was about your size below the waist. I was 5'0" even and stayed that way for a few years. During those few years he sprouted from 5'4" to almost 6'0" and is 10 and 1/2 inches down there. You have absolutely NOTHING to worry about. Even if you do stay the size you are now down there its not going to make a darn bit of difference to a girl who loves you. Thats not what its about. Someone who really cares for you wouldnt give to squirts if you didnt have a penis at all. Its ok. Youre totally normal. You were made perfect. Also keep in mind that you judge yourself WAY harsher than anyone else does. Take care of yourself kiddo!