Hi, I have been suffering with on and off pain in my testicles and prostate for 7 months. I am in my 30s. Lately it seems to be localized to my right side in the area at the base of the penis and the spermatic cord. It does not seem to go into the testicle itself. It is aggravated by whenever I push such as urinating or if I have gas, etc. Also if I sit a little forward in my chair. It does not hurt when I ejaculate. There seems to be no other symptoms than the sharp pains that it emits, especially when I go up or down stairs or move around. I sneezed once about a week ago and it was a day of hellish pain. I have been checked for hernias and I have had an ultrasound with no findings. Been taking anti inflammitories (which seems to greatly help the prostatitis) and some percocet for the pain. Any thoughts from you? The prostate seems to be much better now but the random spiking pain in the right side spermatic cord area is quite troubling and can keep me up for hours at night. They tried the antibiotics route for months thinking it was bacterial or epidytimitis. Also it seems to have started in the left side but is now exclusively in the right side. It usually comes on as a sore tender area in the base of my penis on the right side then I get these stabbing pains. As of now it seems to be the only symptom I have had in the last 6 weeks.