im trying to figure out if all my chronic pain is due to my gallbladder...i have had an ultrsound, CAT scan, endescope and relfux 24hr test.

i dont have hernias, or ulcers, i dont have GERD, but i do have LPR (prob form minute ammounts of bile or pepsin getting into throat). i have got mild gastritis of no concern apparently lol....

my tests did show congested, scarred, gallstones, small gallbalder which is not working coreectly

my symptoms are

occasional neasea
stab like pain all over back and shoulder pains, seems increased on the right side....really sore like i have pulled muscles on my flanks and sides both and nerve pain as well.......dull intense ache under sternum and in tummy, feels very sore, worse at night in bed, cant lie flat on back or on the right side as tummy aches more, not as bad on left side.....
its pretty much constant now,,,,,,,,,,thou can come and go..
also heaps of burping and belching, flautence, feel bloated
however no diareahh or constipation

im on prevacid x2 day and take glaviscon at night for LPR....had these symptoms before strarted drugs so no its not side effects,,,,,,,,,,,i also felt really good for about two months on the PPI but now im getting worse again

any thoughts please, im about to lose it!!!!!!!! ness